Thursday, June 12, 2008

Drawing Water blog created today

Drawing Water blog is the work space for a multi-year drawing project by artist Peter Walsh.

That's me. Please tune in from time to time to see the latest updates.

Here is a description of the project:

As part of his ongoing examination of economics, artist Peter Walsh is drawing portraits of everyone involved in the making, showing and purchasing of the portraits themselves - from the meticulous craftsperson who makes a sheet of drawing paper to the high-flying collector who lays down her cash, from the worker who digs a pigment out of the earth to the gallerist who promotes the work and sets the price.

Drawing Water is a multi-year art project that will be completed in a series of easy to accomplish segments – such as drawing the portraits of a particular group like “the papermakers.” The work is unfolding slowly, often with great beauty, as each individual is drawn and the often invisible connections to other participants begin to be revealed.



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